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Natural Soap- Hand Milled (5 kinds)

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Most of our soaps are Hand Milled. We make the soap as most do the cold pressed way. Then after the curing time is done, we finish our product with the unique, traditional milling process that’s as old as the 18th century. This allows us to produce a premium natural chemical free soap and in the end, adding even more wonderful additives to nourish the skin. Additionally allowing the essential oils to better work and hold a better lasting scent as well.

* ALL SOAPS, whether milled or not, are made with Moon water (distilled water)+lye (sodium hydroxide) for the saponification process.



LEMONGRASS-3in1 soap- great for body, face and beard. OH, actually a real nice shaving soap option too! All skin types. Added shea & cocoa butters and goats milk makes for a creamy, not overpowering, moisturizing soap.

CHARCOAL MINT- The #1 soap here for Beards! Perfect for sensitive or acne prone skin as well. Facial and body bar. Scent is a great morning wake up. Activated charcoal draws toxins from the skin and the added shea & cocoa butters are a conditioning add for skin repair.   Activated Charcoal is highly beneficial for beards and skin. It aides in ensuring the beard oils and balms can do their job properly with the end goal of healthy skin and thick beards.

Mountain Tree-  Nice choice for an overall face body soap. Normal to oily skin. The scent of the woods with cedar and pine. Subtle, manly. Earthly.

PATCHOULI - The strong, sweet scent that falls into the category of musky + earthy is either loved or hated! This bar is kept simple when made. I find patchouli is best that way. It’s double fatted with shea and cocoa butter for the conditioning and coconut milk leaving a rich moisturizing lather.


JACK- A cleansing glycerine soap jam packed with oils and clays to promote healthy skin. Aids with smoothing out scaring and great for acne prone skin. Can also be used as a head soap where a build up is an issue. Hemp and goats milk with dark Patchouli and Amyris and other targeted oils to promote healthy skin. (the name Jack is a match with our Jack beard oil)