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Natural Soap- Hand Milled (4 kinds)

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LEMONGRASS-3in1 soap- great for body, face and beard. OH, actually a real nice shaving soap option too! All skin types. Added shea & coco butters and goats milk makes for a creamy, not overpowering, moisturizing soap.

CHARCOAL MINT- Perfect for sensitive or acne prone skin. Facial and body bar. Scent is a great morning wake up. Activated charcoal draws toxins from the skin and the added shea & coco butters are a conditioning add for skin repair.

Mountain Tree-  Nice choice for an overall body soap. Normal to oily skin. The scent of the woods with cedar and pine. Subtle, manly.


Coming soon ...

JACK- A cleansing soap jam packed with oils and clays to promote healthy skin. Aids with smoothing out scaring and great for acne prone skin. Can also be used as a head soap where a build up is an issue. Hemp and goats milk with dark Patchouli and Amyris and other targeted oils to promote healthy skin.