About Us

Proud to say that we, at RW Services, have been serving customers Canada wide for over 30 years. In fact, we are a second generation, wonderful family business, now led by our owner, Suzy Lankin.

We offer sharpening services for salon tools, garden, woodworking, fabric and kitchen wares - and so much more. The beginning of our Sharpening journey started in 1986  because of the needs of our highly successful Prof Dog Grooming Salon looking for a sharpener that was reliable.  

So much has evolved since! 

It was through pivoting a change of giving up a store front to the Market life and home workshop that started the expansion of extensive knife sharpening and eventually the Men's Line in the London location. Never forgetting our roots of the Grooming and Salon industry with years of sharpening, authorized repairs and real cool yearly shows.

Serving the Barber / Beauty community, and seeing a void for Men's skincare, we decided to handcraft our own brand of natural beard and skin products including RedneckWorthy, The Naked Hippy and in 2016, purchasing Frontier Man Beard Co. 

Suzy’s background of her first business includes aromatherapy and natural healing therapies (in the 90's) has been incorporated into our brands. These products offer our customers a variety of skin, scalp and beard products and natural soaps for the whole family, that are handcrafted with local pride. 

RW Services is also proud to offer our customers a variety of unique apparel, kitchen and pocket knives, and one of a kind, handcrafted items.

A variety of different Lifestyle knives are also sold. 

We welcome any and all custom requests and orders for our knife, market, sharpening services, and all-natural skin care + soap products. Our goal is to produce the best possible products and provide ongoing education for both skin care and sharpening. 

So drop on by our online shop here – or visit us at one of our retail locations.


We always have fun at work and look forward to serving you!